How it Works

Our patent-pending, low-maintenance living wall system developed in the United Kingdom is available in two variations: core and framed with integrated irrigation.

The system is modular and scalable. We supply every component: core system, irrigation, frames, plant life, substrate, and solar rainwater tank and irrigation technology. Our living wall can be installed in a matter of hours, without cultivation, for instant green effect.

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Living wall options

Core living wall components include planter sets, mounting rails, pots, downpipes, and caps.

Planter set material options: Recycled TFPP or V0 Yellow Card flame retardant. All other parts are flame retardant. Each UV and frost-resistant planter set includes fifty defence barriers that breakdown and remove debris to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water. Each time an irrigation dose is administered, the 150 ml reservoir is recharged with clean water.

Premium living wall consists of our core system plus integrated irrigation, and outer frame designed for clients who want the ultimate finish.

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Choosing the right plants

Biological research has advanced in recent decades. As our environment and customers’ demands change, we must adapt.

Kevin Hobbs, our horticultural partner, examines each specimen for hardiness, repeat blooming, vegetative growth, scent, health, vigour, and overall plant look before unveiling a new living wall plant.

Kevin uses his 35 years in horticulture to bring intriguing new plants to market. The road to market for new hybrids and selections is carefully planned based on their distinctiveness and commercial potential.

Installation and maintenance

Our installation and maintenance partners ensure that the living wall under their care has a long and healthy lifespan.

Plant selection specifications, irrigation system design, and periodic maintenance are all part of each project’s performance specification, as is a maintenance agreement tailored to the wall’s individual needs.

They will evaluate the wall on a regular basis, tend to the plants, including any replacements—up to 100 percent if necessary—and manage the watering system to ensure that at least 95 percent of the wall’s surface is covered by living plants at all times.

Solar powered rainwater harvesting

Every building is a rainwater harvester. When it rains, hundreds of litres of clean, fresh water are flushed down the sink and into the sewers.

We’ve collaborated with Agrismart to deliver a plug-and-play, no-mains storm water management system, and with SEL Environmental to provide SuDS solutions such as tree pits.

Agrismart successfully combined cutting-edge solar pumps, rainwater collection, and water treatment technologies to create a system designed specifically for living walls, urban landscapes, and agricultural projects.

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Our portfolio

Discover some of the most fascinating living walls and nature-based solutions we’ve constructed for local governments, businesses, public buildings, property developments, and environmental research projects.

How we work

You are going to love working with us. Our integrated, one-team method enables us to pool our skills and expertise to reveal your site’s potential and biophilic transformation.

We’re devoted to a strategy that provides you with a variety of talents and acquired experience. Greeningup helps you avoid the problems, additional costs, and complications of integrating living walls into any global construction project.

Despite our vast expertise and experience, we have a start-up mindset. We encourage originality and innovation. By adhering to social, economic, and environmental values, we produce inventive, cutting-edge, and ground-breaking living wall designs.

As soon as we have a complete understanding of your requirements, we will begin the design process. A series of ideas, sketches, and photographs will explain how to build or retrofit a living wall. You desired outcome will be completed effectively, on time, and budget.

We aim to exceed expectations.

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