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Greeningup collaborates with partners to grow leads and business. We wish to refer and endorse selected partners to our clients so they can achieve their goals with our support.

Partner benefits: we’ll send you clients, feature on our partnerships page, attend partner-only seminars, co-marketing opportunities, feature on podcasts/videos/blogs/vlogs, access to our knowledge/strategy teams and expert network and referral fees.

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Therme Group (Global)

Greeningup is officially Therme Group’s partner for its greening projects globally.

The Therme Group’s health and wellness resorts are among the most visited and eco-friendly tourism destinations in the world. Therme Group seeks the highest formal accreditation for its sustainable buildings and works exclusively with industry-leading suppliers, including Greeningup’s living wall technology and plant life.

Their Therme Bucharest facility is the most technologically advanced spa in Europe, as recognised by LEED Platinum, and its amenities are the first of their kind to receive safety certification from TÜV and European Spa Association accreditation (ESPA).

Contact: Tonny van Hal

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Weverling Groenproviders (The Netherlands)

Weverling is Greeningup’s Dutch urban landscaping partner established more than eighty years ago who service Westland, The Hague, and Rotterdam areas. Whether it’s a makeover, additional planting, seasonal clean-up, or monthly upkeep, they tailor their services to meet your greening needs.

They work with private clients, managing agents, architects, designers, artists, craftspeople, developers, and contractors to transform indoor and outdoor areas into green paradises by constructing green roofs, living walls, and installing bespoke landscapes that match the environmental requirements of any location.

Weverling is big on sustainability and quality too: they are Green Label certified for landscaping, roof and facade greening, tree care, DNV GL, CO2 Performance Ladder, NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015, VCA** 2017/6.0, and PCO Step 3 and achieved Sustainable Development Goals status.

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Whetman Plants International

Kevin Hobbs, who used to work for Hillier, is the Director of Product Development and Production at Whetman. Whetman Plants International breeds plants for vertical systems and urban landscaping. In the last few decades, biological research has made a lot of progress, and Whetman’s team keeps up with market trends and needs.

Whetman’s combines history with new ideas. Award-winning plant varieties are brought to market by a team of highly skilled and dedicated breeders who combine their knowledge, creativity, and traditional methods with modern decision support tools and lab research and development.

With twelve items released in the last three years and many more in the works, you can be sure that they produce the right future breeding stock.

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