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As well as being visually pleasing, living walls have been associated with countless health benefits. From air purification to ambient temperature control, studies suggest that an individual’s happiness and wellbeing is improved by spending time in a greener environment.

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Physical Health Benefits

Wherever they are, living walls create a powerful “healing environment.” Putting a green wall in an office or putting a retrofitted vertical garden on the outside of a building both have positive effects on the physical health of those who spend time around them.

  • Filters VOC pollutants and dust particles
  • Helps asthma and allergy sufferers feel better
  • Aids quality sleep and deep rest
  • Benefits mental health and wellness

Living walls are thought to improve happiness, mental health, and brain function in addition to improving physical health.

  • Makes a place feel peaceful
  • Lessens stress and worry
  • Memory and focus are better
  • Improves health and well-being at work

When placed in offices and businesses, living walls improve the well-being of employees and the success of the business in many great ways.

  • Helps people work better and concentrate
  • Minimises noise and disruption
  • Sick Building Syndrome is minimised
  • Staff absences are cut down
  • Controls ambient temperatures
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