Living walls have become reputed for their economic and ecological benefits. Public and private sector organisations can take advantage of the visual and holistic environmental impact of living gardens with bespoke nature-based solutions by Greeningup.

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Local Environmental Impact

Green installations like living walls and vertical gardens can have a big, positive effect on the local environment around them, no matter how big or small they are. When nature-based solutions are used in cities or in shared workspaces, the benefits are especially clear.

  • Offsets carbon emissions
  • Filters VOC pollutants and dust particles
  • Raises awareness by spreading messages about the environment
  • Lessens the amount of water that gets wasted when it rains
  • Builds urban microclimates

When living walls are used inside a building, like in an office, a place of business, or a public space, they have the potential to have a big positive effect on the environment inside the building.

  • Relieves the symptoms of sick building syndrome
  • Helps to improve mental health and well-being
  • Filters harmful toxins, smells and dust
  • Creates a quiet calming environment

Living walls and vertical gardens are good for towns, cities, and other urban areas because they help support and increase biodiversity.

  • Encourages the variety of species in nature.
  • Restores natural ecosystems and important places where birds nest
  • Helps bees and other species that are close to going extinct to stay alive
  • Grows food that can be eaten in a way that is good for the environment
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