Nature-based installations provide green solutions to many structural challenges and add value to any workplace, business, or community setting. Public and private sector organisations have much to gain from incorporating living walls and vertical gardens into their building plans and urban regeneration projects.

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Green Workplace Solutions

Living walls and green spaces in the workplace have a lot of features and benefits that employees, customers, and other stakeholders can enjoy.

  • Buildings that are cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Makes a natural barrier against ambient noise
  • Helps you meet sustainability targets
  • Shows that it cares about climate change
  • Provides a visual to back up your green agenda
  • Cuts the cost of energy for businesses

Living walls and other nature-based solutions are very helpful for both new building projects and projects to fix up or fix up an old building. Solutions based on nature will:

  • Boosts the value and appeal of a property.
  • Acts as a buffer for the rainwater
  • Extends the life of building fascia
  • Helps meet planning requirements by reducing and absorbing noise
  • Offers insulation and control of temperature

Living walls and vertical gardens are great additions to any city setting. Nature-based solutions not only improve people’s physical and mental health, but they also help the community.

  • Lessens crime rates
  • Makes something that locals and visitors will want to see
  • Attracts more people to visit and keeps them there longer
  • Deters graffiti and vandalism
  • BringsĀ in natural species
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