About Greeningup

GreeningupTM is the developer of a dynamic, intelligent, and modular living wall system that adapts to environmental demands and situations. We intend to enhance air quality and minimise internal/external temperatures, heat transfer, and noise pollution using our innovative technology.

Better air quality contributes to better health and well-being. This will save the British economy billions of pounds every year by lowering the amount of sick days employees take. It is our mission to green urban landscapes through the use of optimal living wall systems and nature-based solutions, so that everyone can breathe clean air and live happy, healthy lives.

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Our vision

Our reason for being is to be the leading innovator and trailblazer in living wall systems and nature-based solutions.

We want to encourage businesses to go green by displaying visible technologies that show a wellness culture and a commitment to climate resilience.¬†Everyone must work together to address the planet’s distress, biodiversity, health, and well-being. The transition from grey to green is a step in the right direction.

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Our values

  • Astound the world: Exceed expectations every time by putting people and the environment first in everything we do.
  • Collaborate openly: We are looking for enthusiastic partners who are committed to improving the world’s climate, health, and happiness.
  • Make a difference: Deliver meaningful greening innovation. Be the next thing. Consider the possibility. Then top it!
  • Mindset for science: To achieve breakthroughs, we must move quickly and deliberately, relying on data to guide our decisions and testing.
  • Transform lives: Every action we take allows us to reach more people and have a greater impact on the world.
  • Act with integrity and trust: Even when no one is looking, we do exactly what we say we will do.
  • Stay happy and healthy: It’s nice to be around positive, motivated people. It is beneficial to everyone.
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Our story

Greeningup produces living wall solutions unlike any other.

Greeningup has been inventing and developing a dynamic, intelligent, modular living wall system that adapts to external environmental demands and conditions for the past six years.

Plant geneticists, irrigation and sensor technicians, programmers, substrate developers, precision engineers, universities, and manufacturers from our strategic partner network collaborated with us to develop living wall technology to meet the needs of architects, developers, contractors, and building managers who want to incorporate nature-based solutions into their designs.

Every aspect has been designed with the environment in mind, resulting in the world’s best environment where vertical plant life can¬†thrive anywhere in the world. But we’re not stopping there. We will continue to conduct research and development into nature-based climate resilience solutions.

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Indoor and outdoor projects

Greeningup has designed nature-based installations for a plethora of indoor and outdoor projects using living walls and complementary solutions.

We’ve worked on some of the most amazing green projects in the world. Green walls in offices and showrooms help businesses care for their employees, customers, and the environment, while large-scale outdoor retrofit vertical gardens support and encourage wildlife and biodiversity in urban settings.

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Our portfolio

Discover some of the most fascinating living walls and nature-based solutions we’ve constructed for local governments, businesses, public buildings, property developments, and environmental research projects.

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