Therme’s first UK city-based wellness resort

Therme Manchester will provide tropical “staycations” in 2025. Included are waterslides, a wave pool, indoor and outdoor pools, steam rooms, and a palm tree.

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Therme Group is building the first urban wellness resort in the UK in 2023

Greeningup’s partner Therme Group aims to build the UK’s first city-based wellness resort, Therme Manchester, next year. The £250 million project will integrate water-based activities with wellness treatments, art, environment, and technology in 2023.

The resort’s size will contribute to the region’s social and economic growth, create hundreds of employment, and enhance social cohesion through an inclusive, accessible, and inexpensive experience.

An adults-only section will contain warm-water lagoons, botanical gardens, swim-up bars, therapeutic mineral pools, and steam rooms and saunas. Beautiful plants will surround the location, offering areas for yoga, Pilates, and other activities.

All Therme Group resorts employ plant-based filtration to purify the environment, so guests breathe pure air and swim in ozone-treated water. The tech-savvy company ensures visitor and employee safety and hygiene. It develops novel techniques and works with public agencies to satisfy future health & wellness demands. This ensures Therme Manchester’s long-term financial viability and position as public and social infrastructure.

Therme Group believes in universal wellness. 2020’s events have highlighted the importance of this objective, especially in cities. Therme Manchester will reinvent metropolitan wellness via water and environment. Therme Manchester offers a unique holiday at home that promotes healthy lives. Therme Group UK CDO Richard Land

Therme Manchester is part of Therme Group’s global development effort to produce the world’s most sophisticated wellness resorts. Therme Group is developing new generation projects in the UK, mainland Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.

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